LexCheck’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered contract negotiation platform is transforming contract negotiations for many of the world’s largest enterprises.

LegalWeek, New York City, February 3, 2021 /Legal Newswire/ LexCheck, a global provider of the world’s only AI-powered contract negotiation platform providing near instantaneous attorney-quality redlining and guidance for virtually all business agreements while ensuring compliance with organizational playbook guidance, today announced a major update to its AI Contract Negotiation platform.   LexCheck’s second-generation AI platform, LexCheck Negotiation Hub, expands on LexCheck’s core contract review capabilities to now support multi-round negotiations with sophisticated position and fallback Digital Playbook management capabilities.

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Onna’s video showcase with Kelly Griswold, COO, on how to access and control your cloud data for eDiscovery, compliance, and more.


As lawyers continue to work from home, they are logging more of their own billable hours and spending more time overall in their case management platforms. While case management software providers are experiencing a boom in usage, lawyers are also calling for more integrations that accommodate and improve their remote settings. An article in LTN this week, As Case Management Software Usage Grows, Lawyers Call for More Integrations, highlights this trend. AbacusNext’s legal global product marketing director Tomas Suros said the practice management platform has experienced an uptick in time tracking and APX billing usage. “I think this is in response to a remote work environment when manual [spreadsheet] or even paper-based tracking of time simply isn’t feasible any longer.”

This week AbacusNext announced the company will present Amicus Cloud 6.1 during Legalweek(year) 2021. Amicus Cloud is a cloud-based practice management solution that allows firms to access information about their practice 24/7 using any device from any location.  The Amicus Cloud dashboard makes it easy to manage every task – Calendar, Email, Tasks, Time and Billing, and Matter Management.  A secure client portal includes APX electronic payments (Abacus Payment Exchange), for seamless management of client billing.

The new release of Amicus Cloud includes support for recurring client billings in APX, for retainers or other flexible fee arrangements. Automatic organization of any document into its appropriate folder makes case information retrieval easier.

Tomas Suros, global product marketing director says “Inefficient and cumbersome payment and bill collection practices hinder companies’ ability to optimize their practice. Using Amicus Cloud with APX to schedule client payments and improve billing processes allows our customers to leverage the technology to build a better practice.”

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Take a look at the latest video from Onna on how HackerOne leverages Onna for IT, legal, and compliance collaboration https://vimeo.com/505301649

Luminance, the leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession, has today announced that its pioneering machine learning platform will be adopted by Avianca S.A, the flagship Colombian airline and one of the biggest in Latin America, to optimise the company’s in-house document review processes.

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CobbleStone Software, a leader in contract management and eProcurement software, is excited to announce simple, AI-Based contract record creation with VISDOM®, now available with the release of Contract Insight® version 17.5.0.

Contract creation has never been easier, thanks to Contract Insight’s drag and drop record initiation. Now available out-of-the-box, this new VISDOM-integrated feature allows users to easily import a variety of file types for record initiation (such as MS Word and PDF documents).

Once a file is dropped, Contract Insight users can select the contract type they want to create. Next, VISDOM’s data pre-processing engine uses built-in natural language processing (NLP) functionality to auto-extract and auto-fill pieces of key information in an easy-to-read set of tables.

Clauses detected within the document are also displayed, and users can compare clauses to those within their library. NLP is configurable, so Contract Insight administrators can arrange the tool to meet the needs of their organization.

Discover how simple contract creation can be with VISDOM’s AI-powered, drag and drop contract record initiation, complete with auto-extraction and backed by NLP!

“CobbleStone’s VISDOM AI-based drag and drop record initiation transforms and streamlines the way Contract Insight users create contracts, requests, purchase orders, bids, and much more. With this innovative feature, we continue to lead in the industry by providing CobbleStone users with better usability and governance over their entire source-to-contract platform.” – Bradford Jones, Director of Sales & Marketing at CobbleStone Software

Read “Artificial Intelligence 101: Introducing AI Into Contract Management” to discover improved contract oversight, proactive opportunity realization, and advanced understanding of contract risk. Download the AI-101 whitepaper today!

About CobbleStone Software

CobbleStone Software has been a leader in providing enterprise contract management, vendor management, and eSourcing software solutions for over 20 years and is trusted by thousands of users. CobbleStone’s contract management solutions provide contract and vendor tracking, configurable email alerts, calendar notifications, contract workflow management, robust security options, authoring of contract templates with dynamic clauses, revenue/cost management, full-text indexing and searching, vendor/client ratings, document version control, custom reports, electronic signature, smarter contracts with artificial intelligence and machine learning, and more.
To learn more about Contract Insight, contact the CobbleStone Team at sales@cobblestonesoftware.com or call 866-330-0056.

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Onna Extends Data Hosting Services to the United Kingdom

New York and Barcelona — 2 February, 2021: Onna, the world’s first Knowledge Integration Platform on a mission to make enterprise information accessible, useful, and private, has today launched a UK-hosted instance of its eDiscovery and Knowledge Integration Platform to service the needs of organizations operating in the United Kingdom. 

This expansion provides Onna’s customers with the ability to host data within the Onna platform in line with UK data residency and data protection regulations such as GDPR. Customers who have operations in the UK will now be able to utilize Onna’s powerful connectivity and data management functions, safe in the knowledge that their data is being hosted in the same country.

For Onna, this is the first regional instance of the technology outside of North America and brings the Onna technology offering to a more international customer base. In addition, customers that have business operations in the UK will now be able to extend their relationship with Onna and use the technology to address challenges outside of their US locations.

The addition of the UK operation will be available from February 2021 and will be hosted in the Google Cloud Platform region in London, UK. It extends Onna’s capabilities globally by adding to the existing US-hosted operations.

Russ Grant, Vice President of Revenue, Onna, commented, The UK instance of Onna brings our eDiscovery technology closer to customers in the UK, and allows us to meet their data residency requirements in line with the data protection and privacy rules in the region.” He added, “We are providing our customers with more choice. If they do not wish to have any data transferred to the US for processing or hosting, they now have the option to use the Onna UK instance. This will allow customers engaged in eDiscovery and data management projects on content hosted in the UK the ability to undertake this work without having to worry about the legal implications of transferring this data to the US.”

About Onna

Onna integrates knowledge from all workplace applications, allowing anyone to unify, protect, search, automate, and build on top of their organization’s proprietary knowledge. With the rise of cloud-based and hosted workplace apps, knowledge is extremely fragmented and difficult to access in most organizations, costing businesses huge amounts of time and money in searching for their own information. Onna’s Machine Learning-based Knowledge Integration Platform can be connected to any cloud or on-premise application, including GSuite, Office 365, Slack, Dropbox, Salesforce, and many more. It supports eDiscovery, information governance, knowledge management, archiving, monitoring for private and sensitive data sharing, and building bespoke internal workflow apps using proprietary information.

With headquarters in New York City and Barcelona and teams in Raleigh, San Francisco, Toulouse, and London, Onna supports some of the world’s leading companies, including Dropbox, Electronic Arts, Facebook, Fitbit, Lyft, NewsCorp, and Slack. Onna has raised $43M from investors, including Atomico, Dawn Capital, Dropbox, and Slack Fund. To learn more, visit www.onna.com.


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