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There are always going to be challenges and setbacks in your career, but I think it’s about how you handle them and who you surround yourself with that makes all the difference. Particularly in a young company like Luminance, creating an environment where people aren’t afraid to make mistakes, voice their opinions or challenge others has been crucial.

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ECFX, the California-based leader in electronic court notice management for law firms, has received a strategic investment from The LegalTech Fund, bringing the total funding amount for the company to over $3.5M since its inception in 2019.

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ECFX, the leader in electronic court notice management for law firms, has released a number of significant developments to their premier product, ECFX Notice, over the past few months. These enhancements provide customers with a superior user experience with ECFX.

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Dan O’Day is the CEO and Co-Founder of ECFX, an automated electronic court filing notice management system for law firms and corporate legal departments. Dan has years of experience in driving strategic vision in legal technology, previously as VP of Sales and Service at American LegalNet and multiple operations and product development roles at Elite and Thomson Reuters. Dan received his JD from Pepperdine and practiced complex civil litigation.

ECFX was founded by attorneys and legal technology experts with a single goal: to address unmet automation needs in the legal industry. They are committed to filling in the gaps in legal workflows with intelligently automated solutions, enabling firms to save time, gain control, mitigate risks, and improve visibility. In this episode, Dan O’Day will provide us with insights on how automation is being recently introduced in the legal industry. Dan will share how this industry has been very resistant to changes in technology and how they are gradually helping the whole legal infrastructure to be a place that is more open to technological tools.

Key Takeaways in This Episode:

  • The challenge of dealing with an industry resistant to technological changes
  • Why networking and relationships are crucial during the early stage
  • How Covid was a game changer to introduce technology in the legal industry
  • No need to speak negatively about the competition in order to compete

Ari Kaplan spoke with Dan O’Day and Ted Kukorowski, CEO/co-founder and managing director for large law, respectively, at ECFX, a provider of an electronic notice management system. They discuss law firm challenges in litigation management, the value of automation in litigation, and how technology can align the range of electronic filing protocols around the country.

DLA Piper LLC has begun its transition from manual processing and a legacy product to ECFX Notice, the leading electronic court filing (ECF) notice solution, to handle the large number of ECF notices they receive on a daily basis. DLA Piper, a multinational law firm with offices in more than 40 countries throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, now uses ECFX Notice to process all of their ECF notices from federal and New Jersey courts, and anticipates deploying the software in a phased rollout for individual states in the coming months.

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